Cookson Ceramics Archive & Memories Project

To complement Cheadle Discovery Group’s work with the Blythe Colours archive, two exhibitions called “The Cookson Years” are planned in Cheadle Library and Meir Park Community Hall respectively. These will focus on the Cookson Ceramics factory, and its origins, that was based in Meir from 1967 until it was demolished in 2003. The two exhibitions will use material from the archive together with items and pictures donated by former employees to produce a picture of this once world leading supplier to the pottery industry.

As Johnson Matthey merged with Cookson to form Cookson Matthey Ceramics in 1994, the complete history of the smaller family companies that became Cookson Ceramics is not included in our Blythe Colours archive. Research carried out by this group will allow a more comprehensive history to be researched, presented, and archived as part of this exhibition project.

Join us for The Cookson Years at Cheadle Community Library on the 11th May (10-2pm) or Meir Park Community Library on 18th May (10-2pm).

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